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Gifting a beautiful, original piece of art as a reward to an exceptional worker, to show appreciation to a valued client or as a farewell gift to a co-worker retiring is quickly catching up as a trend.

Art makes an excellent corporate gift enhancing the firm’s image. It also works well as a gift for visiting foreign delegates or as a valuable investment. A well-chosen piece reflects nothing but the aesthetic quality of the donor. Choosing an art piece from extraordinary collections as corporate gifts has far more depth and value. Allowing preservation for a great amount of time. So, think twice before you make that splurge!

Wondering why painting would be a good option? We’ll tell you why it’s the best option. Paintings can be altered and made according to your needs giving the gift a more personalized feel. Paintings are long lasting making them stick to their original value and eternal. Other common materials like chocolates or sweets can be forgotten in a week but paintings remain permanent. Also, paintings allow you to explore and dive into new patterns, designs or colors giving you a vast variety of options to choose from.

Now, make that ‘thank you’ to your clients and colleagues worthy with a work of art. Whether commemorating, motivating your employees or appreciating your client’s, we can assist you. As an added service, we also offer gift wrapping options, delivery or shipping right to the recipient’s doorstep. Contact the gallery for further details, selection and gift suggestions.