Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known - Oscar Wilde Bespoke art at affordable prices Specialising the true potential of highly talented artists Uniquely diverse collection of works by over 100 versatile artists

Artwaley is committed to serving and empowering the artists and creative minds by providing them a global platform. At Artwaley we are associated with 400+ artists, creative people, art collectors, museum and galleries with 3000+ handpainted original artwork of numerous styles. Artwaley offers a diversified range of Artworks – Paintings, Sculptures, Murals, and Wall Art.

This concept is the very keystone of Pagli, a unique new supplier in the art market. We offer individuals and organisations an opportunity to purchase customised artworks at an affordable price.

Art is an entirely subjective experience. What we find attractive and strive to acquire is determined by our personality, life experiences, circumstances, cultural background, perception and other factors that are impossible to define. A display of art acts as an extension of the owner and serves to highlight their individuality. Carefully selected works convey something deeper about the buyer than the image they depict or canvas they are painted on.

We at Pagli understand how these driving forces affect each purchase. We also recognise the demanding and time consuming nature of finding the perfect piece of art and the resulting compromises that are often required in such a pursuit.

Our aim is to streamline this process and provide discerning customers with a “one-stop” Centre for their specific requirements.

We have teamed up with Artwaley, a distinguished and rapidly expanding company bringing together talented artists and who can create any form of artwork on demand. Be it a single piece of art or a collection of themed works, Artwaley, with its versatility in style, theme and medium, is singularly positioned to meet the challenge.

We also offer an option to ’Your Concept (Curate/Create Your Own)’Customized artwork.